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Purrmaids Fin-tastic Adventures 1-4 Gift Set

Age 6-9
Grade 1-4

Sudipta Bardhan-Quallen

Purrmaids Fin-tastic Adventures 1-4 Gift Set

Paperback (Random House Books for Young Readers Oct. 15, 2019)
Give the gift of mermaid kittens with this boxed set of books 1-4 in the Purrmaids series! Purr-fect for fans of chapter book series like Magic Kitten, Mermaid Tales, and Rainbow Magic!

Angel, Coral, and Shelly are best friends . . . and mermaid kittens. They love swimming around their home of Kittentail Cove and doing projects together at sea school. This book boxed set introduces the friends in four fin-tastic adventures!

In #1: The Scaredy Cat, the purrmaids explore a sunken ship and conquer their fears!
In #2: The Catfish Club, the girls must deal with friendship problems at school while working on art projects.
In #3: Seasick Sea Horse, Shelly loses the class pet, and her friends have to help her fix the purr-oblem!
In #4: Search for the Mermicorn, the purrmaids visit a nature preserve and discover an amazing new creature . . . a unicorn mermaid!

This four-book collection is the purr-fect way to swim into this chapter book series!
1984851977 / 9781984851970
11.0 oz.
4.2 x 1.1 in.

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