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Age 2-3

Nancy Tafuri

Silly Little Goose!

Board book (Scholastic Press March 1, 2003) , Board Book edition
NOW IN BOARD BOOK, Nancy Tafuri's delightful tale of a silly little goose's misguided quest for the perfect place to make her nest."Early one morning, Goose sets out to make a nest." Honk! The first place Goose finds looks nice and warm. But "Silly Little Goose!" That pen is for the pigs! Then Goose finds someplace nice and soft, a rag box in the tool shed. But "Silly Little Goose!" The cat and her kittens already live there. Lovable, muddled Goose finally encounters an old straw hat, which readers have seen tumbling throughout the story. It's warm, soft, quiet, cozy -- perfect! Goose lays her eggs and watches over them until -- crack! crack! crack! -- out pop eight wonderful peeping chicks. "Hooray for Little Goose!"
0439442656 / 9780439442657
8.8 oz.
6.0 x 0.8 in.

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