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My Adventure at a Flower Farm

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Age 4+
Grade PK+

Mary Dunn

My Adventure at a Flower Farm

Paperback (Orchard House Press March 1, 2006) , First edition
Running through a field of blooms. Meeting a gardener's family of colorful daylilies. Discovering plants' names. Meeting interesting insects. Finding an enchanted watering can. Exploring tools and supplies in a greenhouse. Planting magical seeds. What an adventure! *** My Adventure books are as unique as the young person who finishes them. Every page calls for new pictures to be drawn and new words to be added. From the space on the front cover, to the spaces inside the book, the options are never-ending. My Adventure books challenge the imagination and create books worthy of being read again and again. Each adventure in the series is innovative and different, rich in excitement and detail, allowing young authors and artists to truly create a book of their own.
My Adventure
159092262X / 9781590922620
8.0 oz.
7.9 x 7.8 in.

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