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Age 4-7

Harriet Ziefert, Richard Brown

Who Built the Ark?

Hardcover (Sterling Aug. 1, 2004) , Complete Numbers Starting with 1, 1st Ed edition
The age-old story, now made even more appealing to kids thanks to a fresh, imaginative design.In come the animals ten by ten Five black roosters, five black hens Now Noah says, “Go shut that door The rain’s started droppin’ and we can’t take more.”The oft-told tale of Noah and his ark has never looked so attractive. First, an acetate cover conveys the feeling of rain sheeting down with a remarkable sense of depth and reality. Then, as one page follows another, there’s an animated quality to the animals proceeding into the ark: it’s like watching a movie. When the text says, “Here come the animals two by two; Hippopotamus and kangaroo,” readers will see those two creatures starting on their way in, followed by two big cats and a bumblebee. Turn the page, and now the hippos and kangaroos have gone midway up the ramp, and giraffes and goats have joined the parade. Turn the page again: the hippos and kangaroos have entered the ark, the giraffes are closer to their goal, and flocks of birds are now flying right behind.Fun to read, fun to sing, and fun to look at.
140271792X / 9781402717925
14.1 oz.
9.5 x 0.5 in.

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