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Reflections From My Existence: Dark Poetry

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Vox Silentii

Reflections From My Existence: Dark Poetry

(Independently published Aug. 7, 2019)
IMPORTANT! Please Do Not Read this collection, if you are uncomfortable with portrayals of death, blood, gore, violence, twisted psychological issues and overall the dark hidden side of life. Here dead lie we because we did not choose to live and shame the land from which we sprung. Life, to be sure, is nothing much to lose; But young men think it is, and we were young. by A. E. HousmanPoems I SilenceII The Voice of SilenceIII Fear Inside Your MindIV Pallor MortisV SerenadeVI The Gallows BirdVII Viral StrainVIII CalamityIX Non Omnis MoriarX ElysiumXI Semper LiberXII Memento MoriXIII Morituri Te SalutantXIV Death and My AngelXV My Secret GardenXVI LetumXVII Blood On My HandsXVIII Amor AeternusXIX LucyXX Silence In Her White DressXXI Acta Est FabulaXXII RequiemXXIII Nitrogen NarcosisXXIV Faceless PlagueXXV ElizabethXXVI A MirageXXVII Sonnet I (Shakespearean Sonnet)XXVIII Perpetual DarknessXXIX Snowflake CatharsisXXX Cradle Of DarknessXXXI A SilhouetteXXXII An Appetite For DeathXXXIII Prelude No. 3XXXIV Reflections From My ExistenceReflections From My Existence is a dark poetry collection written by Vox Silentii 2019 © All rights reserved
Collection (Book 1)
108888704X / 9781088887042
5.4 oz.
5.0 x 0.2 in.

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