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Grumpy Cat
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Britta Teckentrup
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Boxer Books
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Age 2-4

Britta Teckentrup

Grumpy Cat

Hardcover (Boxer Books May 6, 2008)
Britta Teckentrup, the talented author and artist of Big Smelly Bear, once again creates an unforgettable, heartwarming animal that kids will love. Poor Cat! All the other kitties in the neighborhood don’t ask him to come play. He just seems so…grumpy. But really, he wants to join in the fun; he just doesn’t know how. Then, one night, in a terrible rainstorm, everything changes: out of nowhere, Cat hears a plaintive “meow” and finds a drenched little kitten taking shelter between his paws. And no matter what Grumpy Cat does, she’s determined to stick by him….The endearing art, expressive characters, and gentle storytelling send children the comforting message that there’s a special friend for everyone.
1905417691 / 9781905417698
17.6 oz.
10.0 x 0.5 in.

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