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You Wouldn't Want to Be a Mayan Soothsayer

Age 8-11
Grade 3-6

Rupert Matthews

You Wouldn't Want to Be a Mayan Soothsayer

Paperback (Scribblers Nov. 17, 2016) , UK ed. edition
You are the son of a Mayan soothsayer, living near the city of Copan in about AD 710. Becoming a soothsayer yourself means you could become an important man. However, you'd rather stay in your peaceful village being a farmer - get something wrong as a soothsayer and you'll be sacrificed! "You Wouldn't Want To Be" is a constantly-growing library of exciting titles which transport the reader to the grisliest times and places in history. The first-person narrative approach puts the reader in the shoes of some of the most unfortunate people ever to have lived. Humorous cartoon-style illustrations bring the characters to life, while informative captions explain processes or chronological events.
You Wouldn't Want to Be...
1911242458 / 9781911242451
9.9 oz.
8.4 x 0.2 in.

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