Age 12-15
Grade 7-10

Arie Kaplan

Social Intelligence

Paperback (Rosen Classroom July 15, 2013)
Readers in need of a boost to their social I.Q. learn the necessary strategies and exercises that will redirect the orientation of their perception outwards, to take in other people, what they are saying, what they are signaling, what they want and need and hope for and expect. Armed with these examples and instruction, readers will come away with an elevated social intelligence that will match their conventional smarts and be ready to take on the world. In addition to boosting their social intelligence, readers will have their academic intelligence elevated by this text, which meets several Common Core standards for the reading of informational texts. Among other things, readers will be furnished with the opportunity to summarize texts, determine the central idea and how it is conveyed through details, trace and evaluate an argument and the validity of its claims and evidence, and determine an author's point of view and purpose.
7 Character Strengths of Highly Successful Students (Book 2)
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