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Giving Box
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Fred Rogers
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Running Press
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Grade 3-4

Fred Rogers

Giving Box

Hardcover (Running Press Nov. 19, 2000) , Book and Access edition
The notion that charity begins at home has never been easier to teach children than with this enchanting gift set based on the Jewish tradition of tzadakah, in which children save coins in banks for the less fortunate. Added inspiration for contributing to worthy causes comes from Emmy Award-winning television personality Mister Rogers, whose peaceful "neighborhood" has been a comforting presence in millions of homes for more than 25 years.In the book that accompanies THE GIVING BOX, Mister Rogers teaches lessons of generosity and charity through heartwarming fictional stories set in countries around the world. For children, he describes how good it feels to give to those less fortunate, and reveals how even one child's contribution can make a difference. For parents, he offers wise suggestions and practical guidelines on teaching children the moral lesson of compassion for others and the value of charity.
0762408251 / 9780762408252
5.6 oz.
5.8 x 2.2 in.

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