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Lost and Found
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Anne Schraff
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Scholastic Inc.
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Anne Schraff

Lost and Found

Mass Market Paperback (Scholastic Inc. Jan. 1, 2007) , Reprint edition
Welcome to Bluford High. This widely acclaimed teen series set in an urban high school features engaging, accessible writing and appealing, contemporary storylines.

Darcy Wills is in big trouble. And she does not know where to turn for help. First there was the mysterious stranger who started following her. Then there was the threatening note left on her desk at Bluford High School. And now her sister has disappeared. Forced into a desperate race against time, Darcy must take action to save her sister--and her fragile family--before it is too late.
0439898390 / 9780439898393
2.4 oz.
4.2 x 0.5 in.

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