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James Swallow


(Zaffre May 28, 2020)
From the Sunday Times bestselling author of NOMAD and EXILE, a dangerous group known as the Combine are set on destroying Marc Dane and his team . . .Barely recovered from the dramatic events of SHADOW, ex-MI6 operative Marc Dane and his partner Lucy Keyes are thrust into the fight of their lives when their arch-enemy - the ruthless terrorist power brokers known as the Combine - turn their full attention toward the destruction of the Rubicon Group, the private intelligence agency they both work for. Beginning with a shock revelation from a former mentor at British Intelligence, Marc's world is thrown into disarray when a face from his past returns from the dead - while in the corridors of corporate power, a devastating coup is engineered to shatter Rubicon forever and bring down Ekko Solomon, the enigmatic African billionaire behind the group's vigilante activities. The dark secrets of Solomon's past, a decades-long quest for revenge and a brutal conspiracy of lies come together in ROGUE - and Rubicon will never be the same.

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