Age 8-12
Grade 3-7

Disney Book Group, Disney Storybook Art Team

Shake It Up #2: Bring It!

Paperback (Disney Press July 31, 2012)
Series Description:Ready, set, dance! Best friends CeCe Jones and Rocky Blue have just landed their dream roles as dancers on the hit show Shake It Up, Chicago! But when the cameras are turned off, CeCe and Rocky are faced with the pressures of fame, competition, and celebrity—not to mention the normal stresses of being a teenager. Full of the excitement, comedy, and entertainment that you've come to expect from Disney Channel, this series has become a certified hit! Title Description:
Shake It Up #2: Bring It! Rocky and CeCe are psyched to show the world their latest moves at a dance marathon on Shake It Up, Chicago! But when CeCe's younger brother Flynn keeps them up late the night before the marathon, will the girls be too exhausted to participate? The excitement continues when Rocky and CeCe volunteer to choreograph the Little Cutie Queen Pageant!

Shake It Up Junior Novel (Book 2)
1423163362 / 9781423163367
0.8 oz.
5.2 x 7.6 in.

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