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Henry and the Fox
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Chris Wormell
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Red Fox
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Age 5-7
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Chris Wormell

Henry and the Fox

Paperback (Red Fox Feb. 1, 2008) , Reprint edition
Cockerels are usually bossy and self-important, but not Henry. Henry is a cowardly cockerel who won't even say "poo!" to a piglet, and his crowing is awful. Luckily for Henry, little Buffy Bantam, his only friend in the whole wide world, has come up with a brilliant plan, and with just a damp red sock and a red woolly sweater, the pair set out to convince the other hens that Henry is, in fact, a brave and fearless hero. But brilliant plans don't always go just the way they're supposed to. Will Henry manage to conquer his fears and save the day?
0099483831 / 9780099483830
5.6 oz.
10.5 x 0.1 in.

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