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Age 9-12
Grade 4+

Neil Morris

Rocks & Minerals

Paperback (Crabtree Publishing Company June 1, 1998)
The Wonders of our World Series offers young readers a lively and visually exciting introduction to the world around us and the forces at work shaping our planet and its future. Ten books in this series offer fascinating full-color photographs of examples from around the world to help illustrate:
-- the devastating impact volcanoes, extreme weather, and earthquakes can have
-- why the earth's forests and waterways are in danger of destruction
-- how the earth's powerful internal forces produce rocks and minerals from the ordinary to the dazzling
-- how mountains, deserts, and caves are formed

Rocky cliffs at the seashore often reveal the geological processes at work creating rocks and minerals. Rocks and Minerals helps explain:
-- how erosion, sediment deposit, and underground pressure create rocks and minerals
-- fossils and gemstones
-- how the Grand Canyon was created
-- how metals are made from ore
-- what space rocks teach us

Wonders of Our World
0865058474 / 9780865058477
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7.9 x 0.2 in.

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