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Pandora of Athens, 399 B.C

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Age 9-12
Grade 4-6

Barry Denenburg

Pandora of Athens, 399 B.C

Hardcover (Scholastic Inc. Oct. 1, 2004) , First Edition, First Printing edition
In this departure from our first person diaries, we leap into ancient times in a third person novel filled with action, adventure, and glory -- all the drama of life in ancient Greece.

Ancient Greece is brought brilliantly to life by renowned author Barry Denenberg.

Pandora is trapped in the roles laid out for Greek women by her narrow-minded father. Much to her despair,she is engaged to marry a man more than twice her age, so that Pandora waits with dread for her fourteenth birthday, when she'll be old enough to marry. But one day, when Pandora goes to fetch water, she meets the Wise One, who is also called Socrates, and what he tells her changes her life. During his famed trial, Pandora finds herself caught up in the intrigue and turbulent politics of ancient Athens.
Life and times
043964982X / 9780439649827
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5.5 x 0.8 in.

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