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The Fortunes of a Frightful Dragon

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Mike Mannion

The Fortunes of a Frightful Dragon

language ( April 16, 2019)
The Bill Blackthorne Chronicles is a gothic fantasy trilogy for young adults or the young at heart, full of wonderful humour, yearning romance, spooky manor houses, bikers, secret societies, creepy churches, student high-jinks, campervan travels and ancient lurking evil...

Step back in time, not too far really, to the early 1970’s, a world very different from our own. There are no mobile phones, no laptops, no social media, not even a sniff of the internet, but what is there, and in spades, is mystery, magic, secret societies, witches, warlocks and the weirdest thing of all – a creature called Arddhu Og that invades the mind with her own fearful agenda. Middenmere is a university town that seems like any normal place on arrival, but as you get to know it you soon realise all is not what it seems…

The Fortunes of a Frightful Dragon
The world has been taken over by Og and her followers, helped to victory by Victor Tainn and his warlock friends. All is lost, and The Apostles, Bill, Arthur and Ophelia have run out of ideas. They are living in new and dangerous reality, holed up at Trident House with food and water fast running out. But then Ophelia finds an old book in the library – a fairy tale about a knight, a king, a princess and a dragon. At first it seems like any other fanciful tale, but they soon realise its peppered with clues to their salvation.
All they can do now is go outside, brave the dangers of a city gone mad, and try to discover what it all means. As clues unravel and things start to take on new meaning, they meet a very special person who they think may be able to help them understand. But all is not as it seems and by discovering Og’s sordid secrets they are forced down a path they do not wish to travel. Bill realises he must be braver that he’s ever been and strike the ultimate bargain with their greatest enemy...

This is the third book in The Bill Blackthorne Chronicles trilogy, which consists of:

The Secrets of Brimstone Manor
The Villainy of Victor Tainn
The Fortunes of a Frightful Dragon

There is also a superb anthology edition featuring all three books in one volume, together with an author’s introduction and special bonus material.

The Bill Blackthorne Chronicles trilogy is a dazzling must read for all fans of dark and spooky fiction who like liberal doses of fun.

"Mike Mannion's books are well plotted with characters that leap off the page." Colin Barnsley - Author of the musical Atlantis.

"Certainly knows how to keep you hooked." Chris Tunstall - Book reviewer and author of Guardian of the One.

“Mike Mannion has the knack of writing an engaging plot and vibrant characters, that keep you wanting to turn the page!” Amazon UK customer.

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