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Age 5-9
Grade K-4

Nicola Davies, Emily Sutton

Grow: Secrets of Our DNA

Hardcover (Candlewick Sept. 1, 2020) , Illustrated edition
Discover the wonders of DNA in a fascinating new book from the creators of the award-winning Tiny Creatures and Many.

Earth is full of life! All living things grow—plants, animals, and human beings. The way they grow, whether it be fast or slow, enormous or not so big, helps them survive. But growing is also about change: when people grow, they become more complicated and able to do more things. And they don’t have to think about it, because bodies come with instructions, or DNA. With simple, engaging language and expressive, child-friendly illustrations, Nicola Davies and Emily Sutton provide an introduction to genetic code and how it relates to families to make us all both wonderfully unique and wholly connected to every living thing on earth.
1536212725 / 9781536212723
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