Age 4-8
Grade 1-3

Mary Ann Rodman, Tatjana Mai-Wyss

A Tree for Emmy

Paperback (Peachtree Publishing Company March 1, 2018) , Reprint edition
"I declare, Emmy," said Gramma. "That mimosa tree is a lot like you. Stubborn and strong and a little bit wild."
Emmy loves trees. She loves oak trees with acorns. She loves pine trees with cones, and willow trees with swishy branches. But best of all, Emmy loves the mimosa tree that grows in her grandmother's pasture. So when Emmy decides she wants a mimosa tree of her own for her birthday, she is dismayed to find that many garden stores only sell ornamental trees like plum or pear or tulip trees. Emmy is crushed―until she discovers that the answer to her problem is growing right before her eyes!
Mary Ann Rodman's joyful story will appeal to all who cherish a special dream, and help readers appreciate the natural world around them. Illustrator Tatjana Mai-Wyss's whimsical watercolor and collage illustrations capture Emmy's exuberant personality and the story's hopeful ending.
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