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Doug Webb, Jaclyn Webb

The Magic Stones

language (Doug Webb Nov. 20, 2013) , 1 edition
Todd, an awkward adolescent, finds himself swept into battle with an evil mage over powerful relics. There's wizards, Goblins, Trolls, Gnomes, and more unusual denizens as well, in this kingdom of conflicting ideals and desires. Todd finds friendship and betrayal on a quest that takes an unexpected twist, all the while pursued by the monstrous creations of the cruel Malicus. Good and Evil become blurred under the lure of the two magic stones, as a world of machines seeks to destroy the Natural world, and Nature must fight back. And at the center of it all; Todd, with no special abilities, must face a "prophecy" which declares that only he can destroy the Black lord.

(Author's note: This book contains some violence and some mild sexual situations)