Age 8-12
Grade 5-7

Virginia Sorensen, Joe & Beth Krush

Miracles on Maple Hill

Hardcover (Harcourt Children's Books Aug. 1, 2003) , 1-Simul edition
Marly's father came back from the war a different man. Something inside him seems as cold and dead as the winter world outside. But when the family moves to Grandma's old house on Maple Hill, miracles begin to happen. The sap in the trees begins to rise, the leaves begin to turn, and Marly's father starts to bloom again, like the world around them.
This wise and moving story is a must-have for every reader's library.
Odyssey/Harcourt Young Classic
0152047190 / 9780152047191
9.6 oz.
5.1 x 1.0 in.

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