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Weapons of War
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Felicia Law
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Mercury Books
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Crafty Inventions
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Age 4+
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Felicia Law

Weapons of War

Hardcover (Mercury Books Nov. 1, 2005)
What is a blunderbuss? How did musketeers get their name? Would you know how to assemble a complete suit of armour? Who invented the atom bomb? What’s in a Molotov Cocktail? Did you know that a modern machine gun can fire up to 1,600 rounds of ammunition a minute? What kind of vehicle runs on caterpillar tracks? Find the answers to all these questions, and more, in this title of the Crafty Inventions series. Then go on to craft a jeweled scimitar, construct a grenade desk tidy, launch a volley of paper rockets, build a camouflaged tank and fire a mega pea-shooter.
Crafty Inventions
1904668747 / 9781904668749
17.6 oz.
8.2 x 0.2 in.

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