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DuneCraft Weird and Wacky Plantlife

Age 8-11
Grade 3-5

DuneCraft, Ruth Soffer

DuneCraft Weird and Wacky Plantlife

Paperback (Dover Publications Sept. 16, 2015) , Clr Csm edition
Color a garden of exotic plants, from wormwood to dragon trees! Explore the incredible variety of plantlife featured in grow-it-yourself kits manufactured by DuneCraft. Full-page images to color, accompanied by fascinating captions, profile the moonflower, which blooms only at night; the carnivorous fly trap; the lotus, considered the bridge between heaven and Earth; the money plant, whose seed pods look like silver dollars; and many other strange and beautiful plants.
Dover Coloring Books for Children
0486793869 / 9780486793863
12.6 oz.
8.0 x 0.2 in.

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