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Ballet Cat Dance! Dance! Underpants!

Age 6-8
Grade 1-3

Bob Shea

Ballet Cat Dance! Dance! Underpants!

Hardcover (Little, Brown Books for Young Readers Feb. 2, 2016)
Ballet Cat is getting her friend Butter Bear ready for her big ballet debut. "Leap, Butter Bear, leap!" Ballet Cat prompts. But Butter Bear would prefer to just point her toe. When Ballet Cat keeps pushing, Butter Bear gets hungry, then thirsty, then sleepy . . . The bottom line is that Butter Bear would rather do almost anything to avoid making a big leap. Why? Because her bottom is covered in silly underpants! This second entry in the Ballet Cat series will have beginning readers rolling on the floor with laughter.
Ballet Cat (2) (Book 2)
1484713796 / 9781484713792
9.1 oz.
6.8 x 0.4 in.

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