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The Bill Blackthorne Chronicles

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Mike Mannion

The Bill Blackthorne Chronicles

(Independently published July 28, 2018)
The Bill Blackthorne Chronicles is a blockbuster fantasy novel full of wonderful humour, yearning romance, spooky manor houses, bikers, secret societies, creepy churches, student high-jinks, campervan travels and ancient lurking evil... A dazzling must read for all fans of fantasy fiction.Step back in time, not too far really, to the early 1970's, a world very different from our own. There are no mobile phones, no laptops, no social media, not even a sniff of the internet, but what is there, and in spades, is mystery, magic, secret societies, witches, warlocks and the weirdest thing of all - a creature called Arddhu Og that invades the mind with her own fearful agenda. Middenmere is a university town that seems like any normal place on arrival, but as you get to know it you soon realise all is not what it seems...Bill Blackthorne is a shy and nerdy young man with some very serious problems. He has no memories of his past and can see curled horns and yellow eyes on people who appear perfectly normal to others. Recruited as an occult detective by his weird mother Beryl, he is told he's a very special chap who holds a secret vital to solving their most mysterious case. Bill is pleased until the police tell him they intend to extract this secret with psychotropic drugs and 'sixteen-volt electro-convulsive treatments'...When Bill meets his friend Arthur at Middenmere University, they fall in with two very pretty but mysterious student girls. Bill falls instantly in love with Ophelia and Arthur thinks Lilith is fun and up for hi-jinks. But what the boys don't know is that the girls are seriously into the occult and are planning to use the boy's in a terrible way to resurrect a dark and evil power they don't understand...The swingingly hip world of Middenmere had long since dismissed tales of gallant knights, fawning princesses and fiery dragons as laughably risible nonsense. But Bill and his friends discover that fairy tales do exist and are far more perverse than anyone could ever imagine. Seven hundred years ago a brave and dutiful knight defeated a fierce and irascible dragon, or so the legend goes...If Bill is to save the world, he must bring forth arcane and indecipherable magic from a murky and distant past, and strike a pact with humanity's most cunningly diabolic enemy."Mike Mannion's books are well plotted with characters that leap off the page." Colin Barnsley - Author of the musical Atlantis. "Certainly knows how to keep you hooked." Chris Tunstall - Book reviewer and author of Guardian of the One.
171794034X / 9781717940346
28.8 oz.
5.0 x 1.7 in.

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