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Dare DeLano, Stuart Hindle

Two Cities

eBook (Pink Chicken Press Nov. 1, 2015) , 1 edition
Liz and Charlie are in for another big adventure as they journey inside one of their Aunt Gertrude’s magical books. When the two children are whisked into the pages of A Tale of Two Cities, they encounter spies, the most dreaded prison in the world, and a revolutionary war that’s exploding all around them. They must fight their fears, dig deep and be brave. It is in Paris during the French Revolution where they face their toughest challenge—a race to rescue an innocent man from a terrible fate. Will the children’s luck hold out? Will they complete their quest and make it out alive? And, can they make it back home in time for dinner?The Book Keeper series retells the classics of literature in a way that captures young readers’ attention and imagination. Two Cities, based on Charles Dickens’ A Tale of Two Cities, is the second in the series.