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Jessica Sparks

Baby, Mommy Loves You!

language ( April 20, 2013)
A book depicting everyday activities which mommy shares with her baby. Baby is enveloped with mommy’s love. Even though there is the day to day household drudgery like cleaning, cooking and running errands, being a sole care giver brings joy and happiness. For the courageous mother who chooses to stay home, to serve, give, love and care for her baby, being with baby definitely has its own special moments, bringing priceless rewards and self-fulfillment. A mother is the best but most difficult job in the world and she simply will not have it any other way.

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Books in this "I Love You" series
Baby, Daddy Loves You!
A heartwarming book depicting a daddy who is spending a fun filled day with the baby. The day is full of activities that a loving father has arranged. However, the activities do not go as planned. Hence, the dad has to summon up unlimited patience, let go and go with the flow. Relaxing, the moment he decides to stop micro managing the baby, he begins to enjoy the humorous antics of the baby as she has her own ideas on how events should proceed. Daddy realizes that he is also getting to do his childhood over again! Once the baby sleeps, he feels an intense love for the baby, awe and admiration of the wonderful day and he reflects that the fear of babysitting is much worse than babysitting itself.

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Grandma Loves You!
This is the generation with the coolest grandparents. Grandma is babysitting toddler for the day. They both enjoy themselves in the garden. In the afternoon, Grandma bakes a chocolate cake with toddler. During baking, Grandma starts be a bit frazzled. She lives in the moment and then, entertains toddler with indoor activities when they are confined at home on a rainy day. She cannot imagine living without a grandchild and she feels blessed. She cherishes this time with the toddler. Blissful and bountiful unconditional love flows from grandma, encompassing toddler with the purest love as she wants him to grow up with a sense of purpose, be happy and safe and continue on to live a good life.

Grandpa Loves You!
In these times where kids have nature deficit syndrome, grandpa decides to be involved with toddler. They embark on a camping trip to enjoy themselves in the wilderness. Besides learning basic essential survival skills from grandpa, toddler learns about being confident. Grandpa feels privileged to have spent time together with toddler. He also appreciates that the toddler is making him feel young again. Grandpa has forged closer bonds with the toddler in this trip, empowering him to carry on loving and supporting toddler through his journey in life.

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