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Green Iguanas
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Imogen Kingsley
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Amicus Ink
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Lizards in the Wild
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Age 8-11
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Imogen Kingsley

Green Iguanas

Paperback (Amicus Ink Feb. 5, 2019) , Reprint edition
Read about lizards and learn how these reptiles are adapted to their varied environments. Find out how they find food, defend themselves, and have young, plus which ones are harmless and which require some caution if you meet them in the wild! A photo diagram in each book points out unique lizard characteristics, and all titles include table of contents, glossary, index, and further resources. This high-interest book uses striking photographs of green iguanas in the wild to highlight the unique features of these lizards. Readers will learn about their habitat, survival adaptations, and life cycle.
Lizards in the Wild
1681523965 / 9781681523965
3.4 oz.
6.5 x 0.1 in.

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