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Age 12+
Grade 7-9

Joan Lowery Nixon

Land of Hope

Mass Market Paperback (Laurel Leaf Aug. 1, 1993) , English Language Edition
Russian immigrant Rebekah Levinsky hopes desperately that her dream will come true in America. On the difficult ocean journey to the "land of opportunity" she meets two other girls--Kristin Swensen from Sweden and Rose Carney from Ireland. The three quickly become friends as they share their visions of the future and endure life on the overcrowded ship.

Once they reach Ellis Island the girls must separate and Rebekah and her family settle in New York on the Lower East Side. Instead of finding streets paved with gold, they slave seven days a week in a sweatshop. Will Rebekah find the courage to conquer the odds and find happiness in the United States of America.
Ellis Island Series (Book 1)
0440215978 / 9780440215974
3.52 oz.
4.25 x 0.46 in.

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