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Age 4-8
Grade K-3

David Catrow

We the Kids

Hardcover (Perfection Learning April 21, 2005)
Brush up on the Preamble to the Constitution with this patriotic picture book--and have a couple of good laughs while you're at it!

A long time ago some smart guys wrote the Preamble to the Constitution. You have probably read it before, but do you know what it means? And did it ever make you laugh? Now it will! Perfect for inspiring discussion in classrooms and around kitchen tables, this fun-filled and cheerfully illustrated look at the Preamble provides an accessible introduction to America's founding ideals for citizens of all ages.

Includes a glossary of terms and a foreword by the artist.

"This zany, patriotic paean offers kids lighthearted but meaningful incentive to reflect further on the relevance of those 'big words' and 'big ideas.'"--Publishers Weekly
1613837674 / 9781613837672
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9.2 x 0.3 in.

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