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The Edge
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Ben Bo
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Lerner Pub Group
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Young Adult Fiction
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Ben Bo

The Edge

Hardcover (Lerner Pub Group Dec. 1, 1999)
No one understands Declan. Not his mother or his father or his teachers. No one but maybe his new group of friends. After moving, Declan will do anything to fit in at his new school, even if it is illegal. When he and his new friends get caught, the consequences are tragic. Given a second chance that he is not sure that he wants, Declan is sent to work at a ski lodge in the Canadian Rockies. Though he is not locked up, he feels trapped and lonely, and learns that second chances aren't easy. While there, Declan learns to snowboard and meets new friends, but the ghosts of his past keep rising up to haunt him. Standing on the edge, Declan realizes that the only way to break free is to face his past, and to look forward to the future.
Young Adult Fiction
0822533073 /
10.6 oz.
8.6 x 5.8 in.

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