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Wendy Thompson

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Hardcover (Viking Juvenile April 1, 1991) , 1st EditionAM edition
"Composer's World" is a new series of picture books for readers aged ten upwards, illustrating the lives and times of the world's greatest composers. It examines each composer's life and work within the context of the external factors which influenced his career. Almost 200 years ago Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart died in poverty at the age of 35. Born into a Europe dominated by the aristocracy, where composers relied on private patronage to earn their living, Mozart had attempted to break free from the shackles of servitude and become one of the first genuine "freelance" musicians. Though doomed to failure, he nevertheless left us a monumental legacy of over 600 masterpieces. Mozart lived and worked in some of Europe's most beautiful cities, and this illustrated biography brings his world to life. Musical extracts from some of Mozart's best-loved works - in simple keyboard arrangements - are also included.
Composer's World
0670836796 / 9780670836796
19.2 oz.
20.0 x 20.0 in.

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