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Age 10-18
Grade 5-12

Claire Llewellyn

The Big Book of Bones

Hardcover (Peter Bedrick Feb. 9, 2001) , 1 edition
How many bones are in the human skeleton? How does a snake swallow creatures that are so much bigger than its mouth? Which was the first animal to have a backbone? The Big Book of Bones answers all these questions and many more. It practically rattles with fascinating facts and information! Readers will bone up on how and why our skeletons differ so much from so many other animals, discover why humans can't run like a cheetah or fly like a bird, venture into the underwater world and examine the bones of fish, and find amazing clues from human and animal skeletons from the past.
Big Book of
0872265463 / 9780872265462
19.2 oz.
9.6 x 12.2 in.

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