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Age 4-7
Grade PK-2

Angela McAllister, Hvass&Hannibal

Wild World

Hardcover (Wide Eyed Editions March 1, 2018)
Hot, wet rainforest.
What is hidden below your green roof?
A steamy shadow-land
Of strangle-vines, scrambling
for a shaft of light,
Lush leaves searching for a
glimmer in the gloom . . .

A beautifully illustrated treasury of poems about the last wildernesses on Earth, from the crystal kingdom Arctic to the dusty savannah and the black-as-space deep sea. Stunning artwork brings 13 endangered habitats to life, while factual information at the back details the danger facing these incredible places.

Kirkus Reviews praised Wild World, saying, "McAllister’s lovely, lyrical works provide fascinating perspectives on the Earth’s varied—and fragile—natural habitats while inspiring mindfulness and a sense of stewardship. . . . Wild World is the perfect blend of poetry and environmentalism."
1847809669 / 9781847809667
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9.0 x 0.4 in.