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Life in a California Mission

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Age 7-9
Grade 1-4

Sally Senzell Isaacs

Life in a California Mission

Paperback (Heinemann Sept. 24, 2001)
The Picture the Past series looks at the many kinds of communities in America's past. Each book describes what made each community different and what children and adults did each day. Life in a California Mission In this book, learn why Spanish settlers built missions in California. Find out how the Spanish missions changed the way native Americans lived. Discover what life was like for people living and working there. Learn about mission churches, workshops, and farms, and the foods they grew. Then use a recipe to make a California mission treat–jiricalla!
Picture the Past
1588104141 / 9781588104144
4.6 oz.
7.8 x 0.2 in.

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