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Diana Harrison

The Immortal's Amulet

eBook (Diana Harrison April 2, 2015) , 1 edition
Just as Emmy was beginning to secure a degree of normalcy in her strange new world, all of it is ripped away from her. Again. When a vengeful stranger creates an irreversible blood bond, tying Emmy to a monster that wants to kill her in the belief that she can overpower him, she has no choice but to find a way to protect herself. Intensified by the fact that an entire race of crafters with powers Emmy never knew existed all follow him, she becomes desperate in trying to discover why he sees her as a threat, and how she can become that threat to stop him. If to save Breckin and herself – as their lives always go hand in hand – is to hunt down the darkest of magic, she will do whatever she has to do to find it.

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