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Age 6-12
Grade 3-4

Shar Levine, Leslie Johnstone

Kitchen Science

Hardcover (Sterling Sept. 1, 2003) , 0th Edition
Science basics can start right at home for children, with this fun introduction to the "kitchen laboratory." There, simple and safe activities will reveal the excitement of science in an enjoyable, unintimidating atmosphere. And the bright, delightful drawings and photos add to the kid appeal. What children learn as they go hands-on and cook up some cool experiments, will set the stage for science success all through school. All it takes are some common materials like applesauce, avocado pits, coffee filters, coarse pepper, and a candy or two. Colorful "cabbage soup" teaches them about chemical reactions, and they'll also learn by brewing sun tea; watching balloons inflate themselves with the help of a little yeast; making eggs "burp"; and shaking up whipping cream to form butter. There are even related things to do in restaurants along with activities to kill time when waiting for a meal.
1402703325 / 9781402703324
21.6 oz.
8.75 x 0.75 in.

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