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Star Wars: 5-Minute Star Wars Stories

Age 6-8
Grade 1-3

Lucasfilm Press

Star Wars: 5-Minute Star Wars Stories

Hardcover (Disney Lucasfilm Press Dec. 18, 2015)
Blast off into hyperspace with these eleven action-packed Star Wars tales! Jedi Master Yoda has a lightsaber showdown with the dreaded Count Dooku; Luke Skywalker and the Rebels race against time to destroy the Death Star; and the brave Rey makes a new friend when she meets the droid BB-8. Each of these stories is the ideal length for reading aloud in five minutes--perfect for galactic adventures at lightspeed.
5-Minute Stories
1484728203 / 9781484728208
25.6 oz.
8.1 x 0.9 in.

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