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Princess Posey and the Crazy, Lazy Vacation

Age 5-8
Grade K-3

Stephanie Greene, Stephanie Roth Sisson

Princess Posey and the Crazy, Lazy Vacation

Paperback (Puffin Books Feb. 9, 2016) , Dgs edition
The beloved Princess Posey, First Grader, who has been called "the perfect fictional friend for any first-grade girl", is back in another heartwarming installment to the popular series.

Posey is worried about her upcoming spring break: instead of going somewhere for their vacation, her mom says they are going to have a "lazy vacation" at home. What if lazy actually means boring? Fortunately, the next few days are anything but: there are pancakes for dinner, a sleepover with her friends, and a new bike without training wheels! After Posey's first attempt at riding ends with a crash, she's not sure she wants to get back on her bike. But with some encouragement from Grandpa, Posey realizes that being brave means trying again, even if you feel afraid.
Princess Posey, First Grader (Book 10)
9780147512 / 9780147512932
12.6 oz.
5.1 x 0.3 in.

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