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Kingfisher Readers L4: Flight

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Age 5-8
Grade K-3

Chris Oxlade

Kingfisher Readers L4: Flight

Paperback (Kingfisher Oct. 30, 2012)

Very few things capture the human imagination like flight. Starting with natural flyers such as birds and squirrels, and then progressing through the history of man's quest to take to the air, Kingfisher Readers L4: Flight by Chris Oxlade looks at all of the aspects of flight including different types of flying machines, important inventions, the forces on a plane, and the challenges of getting into space. At this reading level, the concept of primary and secondary text is introduced with a main body, image captions, and callout boxes for short features. A deeper glossary and index complete the book, making this a fun choice for emerging readers who dream of flying themselves.



A greater variety of language and types of information than at level 3. More challenging vocabulary is introduced. Sentences remain clear, interesting, and unambiguous, but are slightly more complex.
Guided Reading Levels: N, O

Kingfisher Readers
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