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Neil Roy McFarlane

My Giant Farts

Audiobook (Neil Roy McFarlane Oct. 10, 2018) , Unabridged

A modern-day "fractured fairy tale" of flatulence, friendship, and fun!

People think Jupiter is the biggest gas giant in the solar system, but Tom knows better....

The story:

Tom is just an ordinary boy in an ordinary town until one day, he finds a dirty, old teapot. He gives it a rub, and out pops...the genie of the lamp!

Hurrah! Huzzah! And hip hip hooray!

Only it's not a genie; it's a giant. Tom was hoping for three wishes, but instead, he's lumbered with a hulking great lummox who turns out to be completely useless.

Isn't there anything for which this giant is good?

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