Grade 4-6

Casey Brady

The Haunted Tower

Paperback (Random House Books for Young Readers June 25, 1996) , First Edition edition
No one on the Baywatch team is superstitious about working Tower Thirteen. But then ghostly cries of phantom drowning victims start echoing across the beach. When Hobie learns that Australian hunk Logan Fowler has an aboriginal amulet that has the power to raise spirits, he convinces everyone to join in a rousing séance at the tower to contact the restless ghost of a guard who died in the line of duty! Other Baywatch Jr. Lifeguard Books also available:Book #1 Hobie Gets A LifeBook #2 EarthquakeFor the older crowd, check out Baywatch Sprinters - jam-packed with even more drama, more romance, and more Mitch Buchannon (international superstar David Hasselhoff), providing upbeat and inspiring stories in the spirit of the blockbuster television show.Book #1 InfatuationsBook #2 Wet 'n' WildBook #3 Girls Only
Baywatch Junior Lifeguard Books (Book 2)
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5.2 x 0.5 in.

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