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Mountains: Explore Earth's Majestic Mountain Habitats

Age 8-11
Grade 3-6

Charlotte Guillain, Chris Madden

Mountains: Explore Earth's Majestic Mountain Habitats

Hardcover (words & pictures July 21, 2020)

Take a hike through alpine landscapes and snowy mountain peaks and discover Earth's diverse and delicate ecosystems.

From the mighty Himalayas to the majestic Rockies, this book will take you on an amazing journey. See the different flora and fauna, learn about the diverse range of species, and understand the importance of maintaining these beautiful, natural habitats. This lyrical picture book looks at plants, animals, and land formations in Earth's amazing mountain ecosystems, from the smallest creatures to the largest predators, gently covering the topic of global warming.

The World of Wonder series shines a light on our planet's fragile ecosystems, from majestic mountains, to expansive forests, and deep oceans, gently covering important topics such as global warming and the impact of humans on the natural world.

Also available: World of Wonder: Oceans 978-0-7112-5010-9

World of Wonder
0711243549 / 9780711243545
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9.5 x 0.6 in.

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