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Courage and Compassion: Ten Canadians Who Made A Difference

Age 9-13
Grade 3-8

Rona Arato

Courage and Compassion: Ten Canadians Who Made A Difference

Paperback (Owlkids Feb. 3, 2009)
What makes a hero? There are many kinds of people who act heroically in small and large ways. This book profiles ten individuals whose incredible acts of courage and compassion protected the human rights we hold most dear. The heroes of this book are men, women, and even children from different points in Canadian history who have worked and fought for the basic human liberties to which every person is entitled.

Beginning with Jeanne Mance’s tireless care of others in the earliest days of New France, and ending with the truly inspirational story of young Hannah Taylor’s campaign against homelessness, the book spans four hundred years in our nation’s story and highlights the most important crusades of these times. War and peace, health care, slavery, equal rights, education, poverty, Native rights, racism, child labor: these are all causes taken on with conviction by the everyday heroes featured in Courage and Compassion.

Through a careful selection of individual stories from across time, across the land, and representative of the different interests in Canada and the world beyond, a complex and fascinating portrait of a nation emerges, bearing both its proudest accomplishments and some of its darkest moments.
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