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Age 9-12
Grade 4-7

Ruth Nulton Moore

The Christmas Surprise:

Paperback (Wipf & Stock Pub April 9, 2007) , Reprint edition
When Indians burn her home, kill her parents, and take her young brother captive, Kate Stewart has no one to turn to but Uncle Josh, a circuit rider in the back country of Pennsylvania. Her uncle takes Kate to the Moravian town of Bethlehem, where he thinks she will be safe during the fall of 1775. While staying in Bethlehem, Kate tries to understand the Moravians' love of peace and their friendship with all people, friends and enemies alike. But her hatred of Indians grows as she watches the endless stream of frightened refugees come to the town for shelter from Delaware and Shawnee raids in the French and Indian War. Word reaches Bethlehem that the Indians plan to attack the town on Christmas Eve. Kate wonders at the peace-loving Moravians, who calmly go about their work and continue their plans for the Christmas surprise for the children. During that fateful Christmas Eve Kate discovers that true strength lies in peace with all people and in trusting God.
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5.0 x 0.4 in.

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