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Brainbenders from the Four Nations

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Age 7-10
Grade 2-5

Sherry Gerstein

Brainbenders from the Four Nations

Paperback (Simon Spotlight/Nickelodeon Jan. 8, 2008)
Fans of Nickelodeon's Avatar can put their knowledge to the test in with these brainbenders from the first two seasons, Book 1: Water and Book 2: Earth! Packed with episode quizzes, character profiles, quotes, and more, this book will remind you that some things like throwing a boomerang or crossing the Serpent's Pass aren't as simple as they may seem! Keep score and find out at the end whether you are most like a Waterbender, Airbender, Earthbender, Firebender, or Avatar in spirit! Perfect for all levels of Avatar fans, from apprentice to master.
1416953507 / 9781416953500
2.4 oz.
5.1 x 0.1 in.

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