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Disney Princess: Ariel and the Sea Wolf

Age 5-8
Grade K-3

Liz Marsham, Tara Nicole Whitaker

Disney Princess: Ariel and the Sea Wolf

Hardcover (Dark Horse Books April 23, 2019)
Young Ariel's curiosity and adventurous spirit helps her make a friend and prove that what you hear isn't always what you should believe in this tale created especially for younger readers.

Ariel is a wonderful storyteller, but when she acts out a grand adventure for her sisters, her dramatic gestures cause her sister to lose her favorite bracelet--dropping it deep in a subterranean cave that has a story of its own. Supposedly, the occupant of the cave is a dangerous creature willing to eat anyone who dares enter. Despite her sister's warnings about the cave, Ariel's sense of responsibility implores her to enter the cave and attempt to retrieve her sister's bracelet. What she finds within is not what she expected, and her quest for a bracelet turns into a quest to demonstrate the importance of truth and trust--because sometimes what you hear isn't what you should believe . . . and sometimes, it is.

From writer, Liz Marsham (DisneyPixar Incredibles 2: Heroes at Home, Disney Princess Beginnings) and artist Tara Nicole Whitaker comes a heartwarming story of friendship that showcases openness and acceptance in a world where misunderstandings happen and rumors spread. Also included in this volume are a variety of story-related activities and special features!
Disney Princess
1506712037 / 9781506712031
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5.8 x 0.4 in.

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