Age 7-10
Grade 2-5

Phyllis Reynolds Naylor, Alexandra Boiger

Roxie and the Hooligans

Hardcover (Atheneum Books for Young Readers March 1, 2006) , Illustrated Edition
What do you do if you're buried in an avalanche? •

Roxie Warbler knows what to do in all kinds of situations. And she's learned it all from her favorite book: Lord Thistlebottom's Book of Pitfalls and How to Survive Them. But there's one situation Roxie doesn't know how to handle and that's dealing with Helvetia's Hooligans, the meanest band of bullies in school.

Then Roxie and the hooligans are stranded together on a desert island, the hideout of a couple of criminals on the lam. Can five kids, armed with only a load of survival tactics and a little bit of teamwork, vanquish the villains and find their way home?

• Do not panic. Dig a hole around yourself and spit. The saliva will fall downward, telling you which direction is up.
Roxie (Book 1)
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