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Age 10-14
Grade 5-9

Christopher Maynard, Various

History News: Revolution

Hardcover (Candlewick Oct. 6, 1999) , 1St Edition
The award-winning History News series takes readers to the frontlines of four revolutions that changed the world.

Now, in the most ambitious, news-packed title yet from the award-winning History News series, comes fascinating reports from revolutions around the world. Ride with patriot Paul Revere and watch fifty leading colonists sign the daring Declaration of Independence. Witness the storming of the Bastille by angry Parisian mobs and find out why French King Louis XVI lost his head. Get Lenin's thoughts on planning a revolution, and take a long march with Mao to a new China. THE HISTORY NEWS: REVOLUTION covers the exciting events of the American, French, Russian, and Chinese Revolutions and offers an additional two-page overview of major revolts worldwide. Presented in the highly readable format of a daily newspaper are stories about key events, fascinating features, interviews, and even advertisements—all based on fact! The latest addition to an acclaimed series brings vividly to life the greatest stories from hundreds of years of human struggle for change.
History News
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