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Classic Starts®: Robinson Crusoe

Age 7-9
Grade 2-4

Daniel Defoe, Deanna McFadden, Jamel Akib, Arthur Pober Ed.D

Classic Starts®: Robinson Crusoe

Hardcover (Sterling Children's Books March 28, 2006) , Abridged edition

A shipwreck. A sole survivor, stranded on a deserted island. What could be more appealing to children than Robinson Crusoe’s amazing adventure? Set in the 17th century, and unfolding over a 30-year period, it offers plenty of suspense and everyday detail about how Crusoe manages to stay alive. Additionally, it paints a fascinating portrait of the age—including references to slavery and Europe’s view of the “New World.”

Classic Starts® Series
9781402726 / 9781402726644
10.6 oz.
5.8 x 0.8 in.

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