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James Richard Williams

New Worlds of Magiclands

(Independently published Oct. 23, 2018)
’The New Worlds’Magiclands was totally destroyed all of the Planets? By the Darklords no one knows if any of the Timelords or Timetravellers had survived? During this period the Goddess Edna was searching the known Universe for any signs of survivors?But during this time the Goddess Edna had redesigned Magiclands the one in Red have life on them; the one in Green are waiting for life? They are called Tucano, Corina, Deneb, Antlia. Castor, Lupus, Tucana, Cassiopeia, Nibiru, also Gwenallt, Green Moon, Turin, Red Moon, Yellow Moon, Pendle, Lemmas, and Blue Moon, and the Lady named them after stars: It’s now up to the Goddess to find the Timelords or so the Timetravellers somewhere in the known Universe; Timelord: Septimus, Medicine Man: Odin, Elf: Shaquille, Elf: Alexander, The Owl: Imogen, Pilot of the Hooper Disc: Finnbar, White Witch: Crystal Moon Astronaut, Major: Mary Smith: Nickname Smithy, Android: China, Android: Jenner, Scientist: Alex Miller, Scientist: Ben Morgan, The Teacher: Ankara, Tracker: Antwone, Ice Bear: Polaris,Android: Chara, Drones: Corgi, Drones: Orin, Drones: Eake, Drones: Sola, Universe Timelord: Tarin, White Wizard: Vera Starlord, White Goblin: Drago, Elf: Dobie, Elf: Evelyn,Elf: Meredith, Timelord: Shaker Elflock, and Sown Elflock Apprentice, Timelord: Kaun,Timelord: Ladyhawk, Timelord: Spirithawk, Timelord: Melkin, Timelord: Benjamin, Apprentice: Janssen, Touchstone, Touchpole, Goddess Edna, Goddess Edith, Bluestone, Kestrel, Touchwood and Septimus Smith's, Touchpool, Leonardo, Gideon, Redstone, Greenstone, Koki Merlin, Melchior, Alpha, Grimwick, Catchpole, Spindlewick, Sarsen, Henry, Wilco, Mara, Maypole, Hellix, Antwone, Reuben, Chorpa, Susan Julie Morris, Holly Winter, Richard White, Leslie Green, queen Mari, Orin dragon, Raven, Dobie, Mayflower, Ark Wizard. The Timelord: Benjamin Brown, this young boy is so purr in heart, which makes him a great leader for others great grandmother is the Lady Edna and his grandfather is Lord Lancelot, through time the family had been protected by the Lady Edna who is a Goddess who works with the Spirit of light. Benjamin was only young when he first came into the service of spirit just over eleven years old. Since those time he slowly built up his Team as you can see below, he built up his powers over time always to served others; he went from a very young Wizard, he slowly moved up as his knowledge built up, Benjamin worked very hard when meeting different people his communication with others was very good.For a-long-time Benjamin he kept his grandmother secret of their connection until the Lady Edna herself reveal it to the other members of ‘The Council of Truth about her private marriage with Lord Lancelot.Benjamin as grown into strong Timelord who works very well with the truth, but some- times his kindness can get him into trouble, on his long journey through time for spirit.There are still parts of his character to come out within him. White Goblin: Drago This Character he does not wish to stand out in the crowd, so in each of the journeys he always cut a very low profile; along with his friend the Ice Bear Polaris.The White Goblin his a King in his own right, the same as the Ice Bear Polaris is a King; but nether wishes that; both are very happy serving Benjamin and his purr heart; who as teaches them both so much about communication with other people and different tribes who have their own problems. Scientist: Alex Miller a young man who loves working with hands and using his brains when it comes to inventing new things; his partner in this work is fellow Scientist: Ben Morgan together their invention have changed Magiclands in many ways; but also on the different journeys with Benjamin and the Team they have also change many different Worlds and Kingdoms for the better ;Black-Disc-Hooper, Black-Disc-Space-Car, Heli-Disc, Quad-Speed-Boats, Helicopter-Gunship; Sky-Shuttle, Space-Cab, Quad-Bikes, Sky-Bikes,
3 (Book 4)
1729160387 / 9781729160381
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6.0 x 1.2 in.

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